Office Creeper

I started working at my current office almost a year ago. As soon as I started another 20 something chick who had been working here for a few years immediately took me under her wing and I will be forever grateful to her! One of the things she let me in on was the low down on the office creeper. At first glance he just looks like a very overweight man who could use a haircut. Well, turns out he is socially awkward too. I know every office has one of these people…

Our office creeper wouldn’t be so bad if he knew the appropriate times to have a conversation or knew the appropriate things to talk about. He is the person that everyone runs from when they see him coming because he just never stops talking – and even when you hint or flat out tell him you are busy he just keeps talking!! OR even worse he just stands in your office doorway staring at you!!! Lucky for me I get special treatment from the office creeper! My desk in my office faces my door which is by the kitchen and EVERY time Mr. Office Creeper goes to get a piece of candy on his way to his desk he stops at the counter and just stares at me while he chomps away on his snickers bar. I just want to scream!!!

I really do not like to be mean to people or give the impression that I’m antisocial – because I certainly am not. I enjoy people but I prefer to socialize in doses or when it is appropriate! Our office creeper just makes me feel so uncomfortable when he talks to me and I’m so afraid to carry on a conversation because I never know when it will end!! I would like to say “luckily” everyone in the office knows how it is to be cornered by this guy but frankly, it is not “lucky” – it is just sad! I wish he would just get the hint and not make everyone so uncomfortable!!

Have you ever worked with someone like this?!


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