If you ask my husband, my mom, or my sister (the people who know me best) what my favorite food is they will immediately tell you a cannoli! If I come across these heavenly creations I will keep on devouring until I am ready to puke! I’m not sure what it is about this cheese creation but I love them so I am adding them to my favorite Friday list.

I can’t say that I have ever made a home made cannoli. Costco has these wonderful kits with mini shells and packets with the cheese and chocolate chips that you can assemble yourself. My mom discovered them and I swear I’ll never forget the day she showed them to me! It was a happy day in my book!

On our honeymoon we had the best food we had ever had at a resort – and we have done a lot of traveling together! It was seriously delicious and nothing we were served tasted foreign to us. I felt like we were eating at Ruth Chris every night! I did not think our meals could get any better but then the head chef on the island served us the biggest cannoli I had ever seen – not once but TWICE! Not only was I on my honeymoon but I was in heaven!!

Is there a food that just makes you weak in the knees?!


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