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If you ask my husband, my mom, or my sister (the people who know me best) what my favorite food is they will immediately tell you a cannoli! If I come across these heavenly creations I will keep on devouring until I am ready to puke! I’m not sure what it is about this cheese creation but I love them so I am adding them to my favorite Friday list.

I can’t say that I have ever made a home made cannoli. Costco has these wonderful kits with mini shells and packets with the cheese and chocolate chips that you can assemble yourself. My mom discovered them and I swear I’ll never forget the day she showed them to me! It was a happy day in my book!

On our honeymoon we had the best food we had ever had at a resort – and we have done a lot of traveling together! It was seriously delicious and nothing we were served tasted foreign to us. I felt like we were eating at Ruth Chris every night! I did not think our meals could get any better but then the head chef on the island served us the biggest cannoli I had ever seen – not once but TWICE! Not only was I on my honeymoon but I was in heaven!!

Is there a food that just makes you weak in the knees?!


Happy Halloween!!

This Halloween Mr. Stilettos and I will be President Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. We are going down to the city to celebrate with some friends after we greet our trick or treaters! I can’t decide which I’m more excited about…I actually think it might be giving out candy! You see, this is our first Halloween at our home so we are looking forward to meeting more of the families in our neighborhood. You better believe I worked hard on our candy bags that we are giving out! I’ll make sure to post pictures on Monday!

On my way home from work tonight I think I’m going to treat us to a hot caramel apple cider from Starbucks. Yes, they are loaded in calories but I like to think that they will be making my skin a little thicker tonight as we party in the streets in 40 degree weather! So, to continue my favorite Friday tradition…I’m adding this tasty drink to my list!

Enjoy your Halloween!! What are you going to do tonight?! Got a costume ready?!


I am fully aware that half of the planet seems to have a pair of Uggs but I just can’t help myself…they are just sooo comfortable! I’m not saying you have to have the real thing – this domestic diva proudly strutted a knockoff pair from Payless for two whole years! I wore those things everywhere – and I mean everywhere!

I promised myself that once we bought our house and our wedding was over I would proudly buy my first real pair. Can I tell that there is a difference between Mr. Payless and Mr. Uggs? Honestly, yes! They are so much more comfortable, warmer and I feel that I have a lot more support in them. The only downside is they really are not that attractive…Mr. Stilettos tells me how goofy they look everytime I wear them around. I just remind him of how comfortable they are and how warm they make me feel. (He is very thankful for this because I am a person who is always complaining about being cold!)

So, I am adding Uggs to my favorite friday list and I think you should too!

Favorite Friday

One of the things I love the most about blogs is when people post their favorite finds for everyone to enjoy! So, I figured I would hop on the train and share my great finds with you! Momma Stilettos would be so proud of my first posted favorite: Homegoods! WE LOVE THIS PLACE!

There are only two locations around our area but the great thing is they basically get new shipments of the most fabulous household items in daily. They have everything you would need to decorate your home: pictures, lamps, amazing unique furniture (FOR LESS!!), pillows, seasonal items, kitchen items and sometimes even food.

My latest find was a black rustic finish bookcase that now serves as a decorative touch behind our loveseat. With a candle and a lamp on top it is definitely one of my favorite things in our house. It just makes things feel so cozy and every single person that walks into our house compliments our great find! I love to watch their faces when I tell them it was only $99!!

So this weekend grab a latte and go check it out!

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