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Running for Purple

In the past three weeks I have seen a complete change in my attitude towards running. I never thought I would say this but running can be addictive! I actually enjoy my morning routine of getting up at 6, driving to the gym, doing my thing and heading into work. I realize that soon I won’t be able to get in the mileage I need to before work but for now I am happy to build my core strength in the beginning training stages.

Part of the reason my attitude has changed is the immediate results I have seen in my body. Am I losing weight? Nope! I am getting firmer though!! Even Mr. Stilettos has made a few comments!! That feels so good!

Another factor in my attitude has been my purpose for running. Not only will I be running for myself in May but I will also be running for a friend. We will call her Mrs. Purple. We met in 2005 and worked together for a few years before I headed to another company. We became close and I was with her as she walked down the isle and celebrated the joy of having her first baby with her husband. What seemed like a picture perfect story soon turned into a nightmare. Mrs. Purple discovered she had lymphoma just days after delivering her daughter. Today, she only has three more chemo treatments left and I am so proud of her! What was once a tumor the size of a large starbucks coffee in her chest is now 70% smaller! She is such a trooper!

The Lymphoma society is what I will be running for in May. I figure – why run for nothing when you can run for a great cause. Let me tell you – since I decided to run for Amy and so many others with Lymphoma – I run a little faster! Today I discovered that Magnolia Belle is making t-shirts to raise money for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. What a great idea!! I have already ordered one so that I can sport the shirt while I train for my run in May. Thanks Magnolia Belle! Why don’t you go over and check out her t-shirts?


Kicking off the Stilettos

Sometimes I kick off my stilettos after work and put on my running shoes. Yes, I run. Do I enjoy it? Hmm…

I really struggle with running. I want to keep in shape and I know that running is the best all over body toner and it feels sooo good after you have just run – but it is so hard to motivate myself! I always see long distance runners and think what the heck makes them want to do that?! I mean, can’t they just run 5 miles and still be in shape?! I have so much respect for them and I wish I had that type of motivation – I just don’t yet.

One of my best girlfriends just ran the 1/2 Baltimore Marathon. I am so proud of her and I can feel something inside of me saying, “You can do it too!” but….ehhh I can also hear myself saying back “why the hell would you want to do that?!” It is going to take so much time and training and its not going to be enjoyable during the winter months!

This morning I put on my running shoes before work and headed to the gym. It did not feel good waking up at 6 but once I was up I just had all of this energy! I think I just found a way to make running easier!! This morning it was so much more enjoyable to run!! I just hopped on that treadmill and before I knew it 30 minutes had gone by!! Yes, I only run about 3 miles right now – and clearly they are 10 minute miles. But, I suppose I have to start somewhere. In high school our field hockey team would run 4.5 miles cross country everyday before practice and then after we were finished we would have a timed mile on the track! I want that body and energy back!! If I could do that then…which was only five years ago…I can certainly do it now.

I’m going to keep going to the gym in the morning and my marathon girlfriend has promised to build me a training schedule. I’m going to give it a try…and pray for a warmer winter!! Not only will I be gaining an accomplishment if I am able to do this, I’ll be sharing a great memory with my girlfriend.

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