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Happy Election Day!

Today as I got up to do my morning run I had completely forgotten about election day so when I approached the local high school and saw the HUGE line outside of voters it really struck me. I was just overwhelmed with this huge amount of pride for our country. At 6:30 in the morning there were people anxiously awaiting to make their voice heard and exercise their American right. As I continuted my run I passed another voting location and that was even more packed than the high school and again, it was only 6:45 in the morning! Today, I could have run for miles if I didn’t have to go to work. It was just one foot after the other as my mind was racing with pride. My sore legs or the cold air did not even faze me! You can ask any of my friends or family members – I am not a political person (I leave that to my husband) but there is something to say for exercising your right to vote and coming together as a community to do it.

Happy Voting!


Post Halloween

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween weekend! I’ve seen some awesome picture postings this morning! As for our pictures..well you will have to wait until wordless Wednesday! I am a little upset over our pictures. You know sometimes how you get ready for a night out and you just feel so pretty? Well, I felt like a million bucks on Friday night as we were getting ready. Something about dressing up like Marilyn Monroe made me feel glamorous! Well, my peeve is when you feel soo pretty at home and then you take a picture when your out on the town and you end up looking like a corpse bride or something!! And I wasn’t even drinking!! Uggh!! I’ll let you be the judge but I was so disappointed! I was hoping for some good Halloween pics in the city!

On a funnier note, how about all those Palin girls running around?! They just crack me up. I wonder what the new year will bring into our lives that will be the next costume craze?!

Happy Halloween!!

This Halloween Mr. Stilettos and I will be President Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. We are going down to the city to celebrate with some friends after we greet our trick or treaters! I can’t decide which I’m more excited about…I actually think it might be giving out candy! You see, this is our first Halloween at our home so we are looking forward to meeting more of the families in our neighborhood. You better believe I worked hard on our candy bags that we are giving out! I’ll make sure to post pictures on Monday!

On my way home from work tonight I think I’m going to treat us to a hot caramel apple cider from Starbucks. Yes, they are loaded in calories but I like to think that they will be making my skin a little thicker tonight as we party in the streets in 40 degree weather! So, to continue my favorite Friday tradition…I’m adding this tasty drink to my list!

Enjoy your Halloween!! What are you going to do tonight?! Got a costume ready?!

Salon Comfort

First of all, to those ladies who commented on my “Undergrad…Grad?” post…Thank you!! I appreciate your feedback!

To build on the topic regarding what I want to do in the future…

Growing up I was always fascinated with hair and makeup. My mom put my sister and I in little pageants when we were in elementary and middle school and I would just sit and watch the stylist team do every girls hair and makeup. I loved it and my poor younger sister became my model to work on! I must say, I’m pretty darn good after all of the practice I have had on her over the years! In high school I started doing other peoples hair and makeup and the word just kind of spread. Now that things have settled down with the wedding I decided to start a little side business.

My idea is that I would go to a customers house and do their hair and makeup. My target area is teenage girls who have homecoming or proms to attend but I am open to other ages and events as well.  Girls love getting ready together and my services would allow them to do that. I would provide teenage friendly appetizers and drinks for them to enjoy while they were pampered. The thought of someone coming to do my hair and makeup (and throw my friends a party!!) in the comfort of my own home is so appealing to me but my question is does everyone else feel the same? Would you rather be pampered at a salon?

There are two main reasons that I would further my business degree. One, for my personal satisfaction of adding another accomplishment to my list. Two, for more money and a greater position at the company I am currently working at. Let’s get something straight – I love this job. I have great hours, work with wonderful people and my job is rewarding and challenging. BUT, it is not my dream job. My dream job would be raising our family from home while doing the hair/party planning thing on the side. I know I would be good at it but I would never see the salary I’m used to! OH the decisions!!! What’s a girl to do?!

So far I have had two inquiries about doing hair/makeup. Both of them are just individual services – not a group party, which is fine but I need to focus on building my teenage network if I want this business to go anywhere. So…that is what I will be doing this winter in preparation for prom season! Stay tuned 🙂

Hammer Time

No, I did not ruin any stilettos in the remodeling of this room!

Domestic Diva’s gotta have experience in a little bit of everything right?


My junior year of college I started working full time after I was presented with a position that was too good to turn down. As a result, it pushed back my undergrad completion a semester so I still have yet to walk across the stage. I decided to take the fall semester off to enjoy being a newlywed which was such a good idea!! I thank myself every day! But now, it is time to register for the rest of my classes that I will be taking in the spring and I have my eyes set on a June graduation!

Of course one degree never feels like enough. Now it seems like every position inquires about your desire to complete a masters program. I have my eyes set on one that I think I would really enjoy but like running…the thought of how long it will take me to reach my accomplishment is so exaughsting! It will have taken me four years and a semester to reach my undergrad…the thought of adding 12 more classes makes my head spin!

My other concern is our family plan. If I was to take two classes a semester it would set my sights on a 2011 graduation (if all went as planned!) and that is cutting it really close to when we want to start our family. I do not want my child raised by someone else so we are planning on having me stay at home or working no more than 24 hours a week. I’m crossing my fingers that my parents move back to the area (they moved an hour away) so we will have the extra help. My concern is I do not want to go through all of the effort of getting a masters when I might not even use it…this is such a big dilehma for me!! I am constantly struggling with the idea!! In my mind family comes first and I am not willing to push off our family plan but I would also love to have that higher education checked off my life accomplishments…

Hmmm…What do you think?

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